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Hi. This form is designed so you can fill out your info and send it to me to add your page to the family list. Only the options marked with a * HAVE to be filled in. ALL others are optional and if not filled in WILL NOT appear on your info page. If you have photos to send then please email or mail to me. Three photos would be great (young, Middle and recent)

Email info: I am aware that your (and my) email address can be taken off this site and "spammed"  In an attempt to stop this I will replace the @ sign with BB. Of course you will need to change this if you want to send emails to     people who choose to supply their email address.

Obviously not everyone will be able to fill out all info required. Just fill out the ones that apply to you or what you know about the person you are filling this form in for.

If you/or someone you know is not listed in the Family List then go on fill in a form for them or send this onto them to do. The more the better. Any laws even distant are welcome to join in. View a sample one HERE

Any feedback would be great. Brian



Don't forget to send in those photos of yourself. If you are unable to get them scanned then you are welcome to send them to me and I will scan them, Insert them and return them to you. Put a return address in with them. Every attempt will be made to keep them safe.   Thank you for your for helping out.

Email: brian@partslink.co.nz       or    P O Box 8099, Tauranga.