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Additional Notes by Leo:  Janes parents were Irish, but what part of Ireland they came from we don't know. Jane was one of six children. Jane had two sons, Bert and Ivan.

Bert married Bertha and had two daughters, Valerie and Betty. Ivan had three boys, Ivan, Bill(Cecil) and Leo.

Ivan was married to Ellen Agnes Garvey. After her divorce Jane Young (Hart) moved to Lower Hutt where she opened a shop  finally buying a house and living there for many years. After Ellen Young passed on she came to Waitara to look after the three boys. Bill had Polio early in life and walked in iron frames to help straighten his legs.

When his grandmother moved in she arranged for him to go to Christchurch and live with her sister who was married but had no children. They lived next door to St Bedes College where Bill finished his schooling.

During 1939 the early part of WWII Jane moved back to her house in Lower Hutt taking Leo with her. She stayed till 1950 when she sold up and moved back to Waitara where she stayed till her death in 1958 aged 82 years.