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Additional Notes by Leo: Ellen Aganes Garvey was born in 1905 in Bairfield Roscommon, Ireland. One of nine. Six of her brothers and sisters emigrated, three to Australia and three to New Zealand. Three stayed in Ireland, all boys, where they farmed until their deaths.

Ellen arrived in NZ in the early 1920 living with Garvey relations in Hawera. When she arrived in Waitara she worked in Fahy's Hotel where she met and married Ivan Young. They were both 25 years old when married, there were three children Ivan(Junior), Cecil(Bill) and Leo.

Born in 1929, Leo, was only three when Ellen had a mental breakdown and was admitted to the Porirua Mental Hospital in 1932. Over the years she slowly deteriated not recognising anyone of the family. She eventually passed away in 1959 aged 56yrs.

All her brothers and sisters have now died in the intervening years until now 1999.

Jane Young moved back from Lower Hutt to look after Ivan and the three boys. In about 1936 Bill went to Christchurch to finish schooling at St Bedes. In 1939 Jane took Leo, at age 11 years, back to Lower Hutt where he stayed till 1944.