As yet I do not have my own Secure Credit Card Capture facility.

I do however have an associate with Secure Capture section on his website. (I do the site for him) He sells Used and New Carparts Worldwide and is Based in Hamilton New Zealand.

When you enter his page you will see the top section is designed to fill out the details of a vehicle. In all these fields just type in N/A as they are required and need something entered.
In the box labeled "ENTER FULL DETAILS OF PARTS ORDERING"  type in the quantity and
title of the books you require (E.G. 2 copies Kiwi Gunners in War and Peace.)

Fill in ALL fields below this. All self explanatory. Please enter the price in New Zealand Dollars.

When this Company receives your order they will remove your credit car details and send me a copy of the rest of the order. I will then pack and post the order off to you.

Sorry if this causes any inconvenience . If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask me here CONTACT BRIAN HERE

Please ensure your Delivery address is correct.
Thank you for your order.

Brian Riggir

Secure Capture

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